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☆ icon requests ☆ (CLOSED)

I have yet to do this here, and I'm dying to make some fresh icons, so I thought that I would make a request post! Just fill out the form, and drop a comment :) If you'd like to know what fandoms I'm familiar with, just click the spoiler below

Familiar fandoms:
[Spoiler (click to open)]~Riverdale ~ Kingdom ~ Teen Wolf ~ Stranger Things ~ Animal Kingdom ~ Supernatural ~ Haven ~ Twin Peaks ~ Wynonna Earp ~ Sense8 ~ Lethal Weapon ~ Hemlock Grove ~ BTVS/AtS ~ Lost Girl ~ Shadowhunters ~ Shameless US ~ Being Human US ~ Bitten ~ Sons of Anarchy ~ Sweet/Vicious ~ Eyewitness ~ Veronica Mars ~ Misfits ~ Spartacus ~ Elementary ~ Penny Dreadful ~ American Horror Story ~ Jessica Jones ~ Daredevil ~ Iron Fist ~ Luke Cage ~ A Handmaid's Tale~

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mod post: a new Riverdale comm!

This is run myself and a friend of mine. We're just in the beginning phases, but we promise to have lots of goodies over the course of the hiatus and into S2! Come check it out! :D

Welcome to theblueandgold, a Livejournal community for the CW show, Riverdale! Here, you'll find all kinds of content; fics, news, promo images, icons, screencaps and daily edits. Feel free to come by, share your love of the show!