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five // no one's getting out alive

Slasher & American Horror Story: Murder House for 20muses

For this round, we had to do opposites. I chose the second option, doing 5 of each for two themes. Close vs. far, and cold vs. warm. I'm a bit iffy about some of these, that might have been more on my motivation than the choices I made on fandoms, but I enjoyed making them! The themes were fabulous :D

1-5 (Slasher) are close
6-10 (American Horror Story) are far
11-15 (Slasher) are cold
16-20 (American Horror Story) are warm

- comments make me happy!
- credit is a must!
- credit for the Slasher caps goes to akilah92
- watch the community for updates


four // i'm headed straight for the castle
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